Tanaka Family Christmas 2006

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David
a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."

2006 turned out to be a busy year for us.  From the get-go, we had to deal with many events that crossed our path. Click here for a few photos of the past year.


This year, we lost the oldest member of our family, Joshua.  Joshua, our cat, was more than eighteen years old when he succumbed to a thyroid condition which caused him to lose weight no matter what the doctors tried.   Thankfully, Stephanie and Tamlyn took it all in stride with just a few tears shed. 

Joshua has been with us almost since the day we were married and will be sorely missed.  Goodbye old friend!


Due to the limited size of our house, we had to decide whether or not to buy a larger house or upgrade our current abode.  We chose the latter because we like the neighborhood we are in and because Stephanie goes to an extremely good school that happens to be only a mile away. So, in May, several large men came to our house and began hacking away at it.  They removed seventy five percent of the second floor, and then started to rebuild it. 

While the (de)construction was occurring, our entire family had to live on the first floor, together with all the furniture and "stuff" from the second floor.  During the remodeling, Grace and I slept on a sleeper sofa in the living room while the kids got to sleep in their own beds. The construction lasted for about three months and now thankfully, all that is left is a bit of wallpapering and painting.   Thank goodness it is almost over!


Because of the remodeling project, money and time were tight, so we didn’t travel at all this year.  We did however, have the chance to reunite with Stephanie’s “sisters” from China .  These are the girls who were adopted by the group we traveled to China with.  Because the reunion was held in Chicago , we were able to make the reunion and have a wonderful time with the other families.  It’s amazing and wonderful how fast the girls are growing up and how they are becoming young ladies before our eyes.

The Kids

Stephanie and Tamlyn are both doing great.  They are both into swimming and skating and really enjoying it.  Stephanie, now in second grade, is doing well in school and is really enjoying the learning experience. Tamlyn, who is still in preschool, is learning her alphabet now and just loves to sing … loud! …. and constantly! 

This year, Tamlyn had to have eight crowns put on her teeth.  I felt sorry that she had to go through all that (four visits to the dentist), but she handled the procedures like a real trooper. Little does she know that her college fund is in her mouth right now.

We have found that raising them is a bit like being in the Army where it’s touted as the “toughest job you’ll love.”  These two are an absolute joy. . . most of the time.

Mark and Grace

We are doing well too.  We are trying to recuperate from the busy-ness of the year, but there always seems to be something else on the horizon.  However, we feel very blessed and happy for what we have. Everybody is relatively healthy and we are surrounded by great family and friends. God has been truly good.

Likewise, we want to wish you a very happy and wonderful holiday season and many blessings in 2007.

Mark, Grace, Stephanie, Tamlyn