Adopting Again The Trip

Tamlyn adjusted well to her new home and new family. She immediately took to her new sister like they knew each other from birth. Tamlyn's jet lag was a challenge, but we knew what to expect from Stephanie's adoption, so nothing caught us by surprise. Each night, for about 5 days, Tamlyn promptly woke up around 2:00 or 3:00am and began crying. In order to get some sleep, Stephanie slept on the floor in our room until Tamlyn got used to her crib and started sleeping through the night.

Tamlyn is a bit delayed with her gross motor skills because of her life in the orphanage. Although the caretakers obviously care for the babies, they just don't have the resources necessary to give them the individual attention they all need. When we first got Tamlyn she could not sit unaided, crawl, or even roll over. Now, she sits well, rolls like a barrel on a hill, and even walks by herself using a toy walker. She has begun to speak words like "Hello", "Banana", and "Ball" and is a very lively and bright child. She even uses the toilet although she is unable to tell us when she needs to.

Although this is our second Chinese adoption, this last experience in China was nothing short of spectacular. It is something that we will always fondly remember and continue to be extremely thankful for. Tamlyn has been a wonderful blessing and Godsend to our family and we pray that we would be a wonderful blessing to her.

We believe it was ordained by God that we, Tamlyn, and Stephanie (and Joshua our cat) would be a family although we come from totally different parts of the world and from entirely different cultures. Jesus said "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15. We hope that by raising Tamlyn and Stephanie in a Christian home, we would be fulfilling a little part of that command.

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