Adopting Again The Trip

Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Bar Street
Since we had most of the day free, we and two other families, decided to try to take a trip across the river to a place called Bar Street. It can be seen from the White Swan hotel and its neon lights are spectacular at night. Holt suggested that we don't go alone, so they provided someone to take us there and show us around.

Guangzhou Fish Market
In order to get to Bar Street, we had to walk through the Guangzhou fish market. It was quite a sight to see large baskets of live fish all over the place. Mark was especially intrigued by a man who was flinging eels from basket to basket. We also passed several street vendors selling sugar cane from their bicycles.
Guangzhou Ferry
After passing the fish market, we rode a ferry across the river. The ride, which cost about 6 cents per person, was a rather bumpy ordeal. It was not a luxury liner by any means, but rather a small industrial type ferry. There were no chairs or any other amenities to speak of; just a place to stand until you arrived at your destination. Fortunately, the ride was only 15 minutes long.

Bar Street was interesting. It is a long, tiled street along the river that is lined with bars from beginning to end. Oddly enough, in the middle of the street there was a school. During the day the bars are closed, so there were hardly any people milling about. It was a pleasant walk though, and talking to our guide, we got to learn a lot about Guangzhou and China.

After we returned, we had lunch at Lucy's and did some more last minute shopping.

At 4:00pm we went to the Holt office to pick up Tamlyn's visa and to get final instructions for the trip back. Because of Tamlyn's passport problem, Holt gave us cell phone numbers for their staff in Beijing and Guangzhou just in case we were stopped before exiting the country. They also promised to wait for us in the terminal until we made it through to the boarding gates.