Adopting Again The Trip

Saturday, March 13, 2004
To Guangzhou
Tamlyn's diarrhea has subsided. She is now pooping normally. Thank goodness. We tossed the Codine laced cold medicine into the garbage and began packing for our afternoon flight to Guangzhou. It couldn't come soon enough. We would be staying at the famous White Swan hotel on Shamian Island and, from past experience, we knew that it was like a resort, with great food and a very relaxed atmosphere. Mark was looking forward to getting some real meat at Lucy's restaurant and Grace was looking forward to the great shopping.

Right after lunch, we were taken by bus to the Changsha Airport, where we boarded an airplane bound for Guangzhou. The plane was literally packed with parents holding their new babies. Since this would be the first airplane ride for Tamlyn, we, like most of the other parents, were anxious to see how our baby would handle the takeoffs and landings. The ride went without a hitch, but as we landed there was a wave of baby cries which started from the back of the plane and quickly moved forward. It was rather funny to hear all these babies crying at the same time and to see all the new parents trying to deal with them. Tamlyn didn't cry. Good sign.

Guangzhou Airport
Exiting the airplane we immediately were hit with the heat and high humidity, but we soon adjusted and felt rather comfortable for the rest of our stay in Guangzhou. Holt had people waiting to grab our bags off the carousels for us and send them off to our rooms at the hotel. Meanwhile, we all boarded an air conditioned bus. We remembered the Holt staff from our previous adoption 3 years earlier and it was very good to see them once again. It almost felt like being at home.

The Staff at Lucy's
Once at the White Swan, we got settled into our rooms then headed off to Lucy's for dinner. Lucy's is about as close as you're going to get to American food and boy, did we miss it.