Adopting Again The Trip

Thursday, March 11, 2004
The Countryside
Tamlyn still has diarrhea and still has the same congestion. We took a look at her cough medicine and found out that it contained Codine. In China it seems that you can buy many drugs over the counter that require a prescription in America. We guessed that this is the cause of Tamlyn's diarrhea and decided to hold off on its use.

Today we took a tour of the Embroidery Museum in Changsha. It is a place where beautiful embroidered works of art are created, on display, and sold. We stood in awe looking at the photo-realistic works of art hanging on the walls and in the display cases. We ended up buying several small pieces to bring home as souvenirs.

Embroidered Art

After the Embroidery museum, we were taken to the countryside to visit a rural farm. This may be the kind of place that Tamlyn came from. We were quite impressed by the family that lived there, and their hospitality. The children were cute beyond belief too!

Tamlyn's Place of Abandonment

When we finally returned to the hotel, our guide was setting up visits to the children's various abandonment sites. Grace was able to visit Tamlyn's abandonment site which turned out to be a police station located in the Changsha Railway station. It was a crowded, bustling station not unlike any in America.

That evening, we decided we had enough with the hotel's food, so Grace and another from the group took a cab to Kentucky Fried Chicken to pick up a bucket of real food.