Adopting Again The Trip

Tuesday, March 9, 2004
Today would be special because we would be taken shopping at a local department store. Little did we know that the department store was named "Walmart". We all piled into the bus and rode about 30 minutes to the Walmart, which was located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a larger mall. Actually, it was quite interesting to see the various items for sale and the unbelievably low prices. Our first stop in Walmart was to the pharmacy to pick up some cough medicine for Tamlyn because she has been coughing every morning. Then we trudged around the entire store buying little necessities and a couple of souvenirs. The lower floor of Walmart was where they sold groceries and where one could find all kinds of exotic foods along with the normal staples. Grace bought some sushi for a snack as well as a few cans of Diet Coke.

Grace had her picture taken with a couple of the Walmart sales associates. They were very gracious in allowing her to do that.

Mark was the first one out of the store, so he waited outside by the bus with Tamlyn. Big mistake! It was about 60 degrees and Tamlyn's legs were not covered because all of the clothes which we brought with us were too small! He was immediately engaged by the "clothes police" and forced to put a blanket around her legs. The son of the lady who demanded this was wearing split pants and his naked rear end was quite exposed. Mark wondered to himself why you can have a naked rear end, but not naked legs. This would be the first of many encounters with the clothes police, but we took it all in stride.

That night, we ate at one of the Huatian Hotel's restaurants. One thing about China is that there are a lot of smokers and no requirement to separate them from non-smokers in the restaurants. While eating, we were engulfed by cigarette smoke and had to struggle through dinner, baby in hand. It turns out that all the restaurants in the hotel were filled with smoke, so we only ate in them on a couple of occasions.