Adopting Again Timeline

10/28/02 Received application from Holt International Children's Services
11/07/02 Sent Application to Holt
11/19/02 E-mailed "Request for Application" from AIAA website
11/19/02 First meeting with our local agency "The Cradle"
11/20/02 Sent application to The Cradle along with fee
11/20/02 Sent request to Cook County Statistics for 5 additional copies of marriage and birth certificates.
11/23/02 Received AIAA application, but decided to go with Holt
11/25/02 Sent INS form I-600A to INS. Included birth certificates, marriage certificate, check for form and for fingerprints
12/01/02 Updated our autobiographies and sent them to the Cradle (email and hardcopies)
12/05/02 Received paperwork back From INS. Need to set a date to be fingerprinted.
12/10/02 Mark's one-on-one meeting with the Cradle.
12/16/02 Grace's one-on-one meeting with the Cradle.
12/20/02 Go for INS fingerprinting
01/07/03 In-house visit with The Cradle
01/18/03 Received China book from Holt
02/01/03 Training class "Talking About Birth Parents"
02/19/03 Received Home Study from Cradle
02/21/03 Holt okays Home Study - Waiting for I-171H form
02/25/03 Sent training material to DCFS for credit
03/16/03 Received I-171H from INS
03/17/03 Sent dossier fee to Holt
03/19/03 Went downtown to get state certification on our documents
03/24/03 Recertified Grace's employment letter
03/26/03 FedEx'd dossier to Chicago Chinese Consulate for authentication
04/04/03 Received dossier back from Chinese Consulate
04/07/03 Sent dossier to Holt
04/07/03 Sent receipts to Mark's employer for adoption benefits
04/08/03 Dossier received by Holt. Need to update Employment Verification Letter.
04/16/03 Second updated Employment Verification Letter sent to Holt
04/18/03 Dossier sent to China (DTC)
04/30/03 Received adoption benefit From Mark's employer
05/10/03 Dossier Log in Date (LID)
01/16/04 Got refingerprinted just in case
01/22/04 Referral! On Chinese New Year Day
01/24/04 Received photographs, medical, history, and bio of He Wen Hui
01/25/04 Faxed medical information to Pediatrician for review
01/27/04 FedEx'd acceptance letter to Holt
01/30/04 Received update I-171H form. Sent copies to The Cradle and to Holt
02/09/04 Got travel packet and visa application from Holt
02/10/04 Went to Chicago Chinese Consulate to drop of visa applications
02/17/04 Received travel dates. Must meet in Beijing on March 5th, 2004.
Went to Chinese Consulate to pick up visas.
02/19/04 Received travel Packet from Holt
Bought Airline tickets to China
03/04/04 Arrived in Beijing for orientation meeting with Holt.
03/07/04 Arrived in Changsha where He, Wen Hui (a.k.a. Tamlyn) is.
Gotchya! Get to hold Tamlyn in our arms for the very first time.
03/13/04 Arrived in Guangzhou to get Tamlyn's visa
03/18/04 Travel home.
05/01/04 Tamlyn receives Certificate of Citizenship and a letter from the President.