Adopting Again the Choice

From the beginning, we were of one mind to adopt a second daughter from China if the right doors opened. We always wanted to have more than one child and the thought of Stephanie being an only child didn't seem right. Our experience with our first adoption was, and still is, beyond belief. We couldn't have imagined how much we would be blessed by Stephanie and look forward to more blessings from God.

So, late in 2002, we decided to begin the paperwork for our second daughter. Though tight, God somehow provided the finances and opened the right doors, so we stepped in.

Our paperwork went to China on May 10, 2003 and now on January 22, 2004, we have finally received our referral for He Wen Hui from the First Social Welfare Institute of Changsha in Changsha, Hunan. The wait was a long 9 months... just like a normal pregnancy, but it was well worth it.