Stephanie's First Christmas

Stephanie Playing with a Christmas Gift

Stephanie's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins

Stephanie Showing off Her Eating Ability

Stephanie with Her Great Aunt and Grandparents


Stephanie got acquainted with her new home very quickly.  For the first week however, because of the jetlag, she was up promptly at 3:00am every day.   We were severely sleep deprived because we would go down to her room and comfort her when she woke up.  She was also scared of her crib.  When we would set her down in it, she would just wail.  We would have to rock her to sleep before we could set her down in the crib.

After a week of torture, we decided we would try the "tough love" approach and let her cry.  It was one of the hardest things to do, not to run to her each time she cried.  However, after 2 days, Stephanie was fine.  She now asks to go to bed and has slept through the night ever since.

We can't imagine any other baby being with us and we can't imagine Stephanie being with any other family.  We truly believe it was a match made in Heaven.  I am sure that all the other adopting parents feel the same way about their bundles of joy.

Stephanie continues to amaze, amuse, and yes, sometimes annoy us.  However, the entire experience we have been through to bring home Stephanie was just wonderful and the best part is that it isn't over yet.  We have a lifetime to spend with her.  

It doesn't get better than that.