Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Tower

Wuhan Museum
Wuhan Provincial  Museum

Monkey Business
Buddhist Monks

White Cloud Tower
White Cloud Tower

Base of Yellow Crane
At the Base of the Yellow Crane Tower

East Lake
Wuhan's East Lake

Stephanie's Passport
Receiving  Stephanie's Passport

First Laugh
Stephanie's first laugh

Sightseeing in Wuhan

December 5, 2000
Today we visited the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan's most famous site.  A legend (which I don't remember) goes along with this tower but the architecture and artwork are enough to make it a landmark.  From the top you can see most of this vast city. It was quite a spectacular view.

December 6, 2000
This day we visited Wuhan's Provincial Museum.  Its prized possession is a set of chimes discovered in a burial site.  These chimes are a complete set, fully functional, and made entirely of bronze.  An exact replica of the chimes was created by the Chinese and the museum was kind enough to give us a short concert with the replicas.  The concert was wonderful.

We also were able to visit Wuhan's East Lake park.  We were informed that the lake in this park was famous.  For what, we don't know but it was very nice.

December 7, 2000
This was a busy day for us.  We visited the White Cloud Tower, a Buddhist monastery, and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It was at KFC where we found out that Stephanie can eat by herself.  She simply grabbed the spoon and mashed potatoes from my hand and began feeding herself.  It nearly floored me, but it was my first taste of being a proud parent!

Later in the day, we traveled back to the Civil Affairs office to pick up Stephanie's Chinese passport.  Now, according to the Chinese government, we can legally leave the country with Stephanie.  

This day was also the first day we heard Stephanie laugh and talk. (Now she won't stop).  It was a monumental occasion because it took 3 days for her to even crack a smile.  Perhaps she is starting to come out of the grieving process.

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