Stephanie's Adoption

Stephanie at Christmas 2000. Twelve days
after we brought her home from China.

Name: Stephanie Li Ao
Chinese Name: Li Ao Lin
BirthDate: Aug 28, 1999
Gotchya Date: Dec 4, 2000

Welcome. We have completed a successful adoption of a baby girl from China. These pages are dedicated to the fantastic experience we had. It was truly an exciting, wonderful, and yes, scary experience that forever changed our lives.

The story in this site is not in the least, comprehensive. For several reasons, I did not include all the details and not nearly all the photographs. I hope that what I did include however, will give you a true feeling of our experience.

We viewed our experience twofold. The first was to finally have a family which felt more complete. The second was to somehow give a baby girl the fighting chances that she would not otherwise have... the chance to live with loving parents in a good, Christian home and the chance to follow her dreams, whatever they may be.